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Countering Rapid Exploit Development


 Rapid Exploit Development and Deployment (REDD) platforms mark an emerging trend in Security hacking. REDD platforms enable attackers and pen testers alike to approach the problem of breaching system security from new perspective, through:


  1. A "Plug and Play" development of exploits, significantly reducing the time and effort required to develop vulnerability exploits;

  2. A repository of ready-made exploit techniques, exploits and evasive techniques from which a user can assemble attack tools;

  3. Integrated Trojan and Rootkit capabilities in every payload


This intense half-day seminar will provide an overview of existing REDD platforms. An in-depth treatment of the Metasploit Framework (www.metasploit.com) will be presented.  As one of the leading exploit testing platforms, Metasploit’s capabilities will be discussed and demonstrated on live systems.  Seminar participants will:


  1. Learn how Rapid Exploit Development Systems Function;

  2. Understand the capabilities of REDD Systems;

  3. Identify the distinctive features of REDD, including features that distinguish it from commonly used attack and assessment tools;

  4. Witness first-hand Metasploit’s capabilities in detection evasion, ease of attack tool assembly, rapid development and exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities;

  5. Identify best practices to detect and prevent Rapid Exploit attacks


This course will make use of demonstrations, where students will see how exploits are planned, created, and executed in a live environment.   Demonstrations will include:


*        Using Metasploit to dynamically inject code into process space of running applications and services

*        Evasion of Intrusion Detection Systems using the meterpreter command shell systems

*        Live development of a buffer overflow exploit

*        Utilizing network-based encryption capabilities in Metasploit

*        Including auxiliary tools to identify vulnerable code


Rapid Exploit Development is intended for a technical I.T. Security Audience, Information Security Managers, and I.T. Operational Staff responsible for maintaining secure systems.

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