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As co-founder and President of Cygnos I.T. Security, established in 1998, Aron provides strategic direction, vision, and project management for the firm. Aron is an active consultant and regularly engaged as a project manager and solutions architect.  Aron is recognized for his in-depth knowledge of enterprise environments and I.T. infrastructure solutions. He currently specializes in Information Security, Enterprise Hosting Services, and Intel Systems Architectures with a strong background in Engineering and Systems Integration. Aron has architected or secured systems in some of the nation’s largest government departments.  As a subject matter expert, Aron has spoken at Microsoft, the ISSA and Fortune 500 firms on topics including Intrusion Defense, Hacker Methodologies, Vulnerability Analysis, and Security for Management. He is author of several courses on information security.





Salim Douba has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years.  He has experience in virtually all aspects of computerization from programming to networks to his current expertise area, security.  Mr. Douba has authored 3 books from TCP/IP to Unix networking.  Salim’s methodology on security is based on understanding the adversary.  ‘You must understand how to hack in order to protect against it.’  Salim has designed Intrusion Detection systems for Departments like HRDC and DND.  He teaches in the security field from Stockholm Sweden to San Francisco in the United States. 


Although Salim has strong networking and Project Management Skills, his largest value to clients is via the security field.  Although no one can guarantee your systems and assets are 100% protected, having someone like Salim on your team will definitely reduce your risk.


Wayne Boone


Wayne Boone, teaches and presents extensively to Government of Canada students in Information Security.  One of the four cornerstones of this specialty is Personnel Security, with which he has extensive experience.  Mr Boone has, and continues to, work in highly classified and sensitive environments relating to national security and continental homeland defence, wherein the requirement to establish and maintain trust in personnel, both internal employees and external clients, is essential.  The consequences of lapses in personnel security in this environment could be far-reaching and devastating.  Therefore, Mr. Boone has extensive knowledge and experience in all requirements of a governance structures for an effective personnel security program.  As well, by remaining current in the deliberate and accidental threats to Canada and government from individuals and the vulnerabilities in current government operations, Mr. Boone maintains an in-depth knowledge of the risks to the effective delivery of government services.  He is then able to recommend effective personnel security safeguards to mitigate identified risks.  Consequently, there is a high level of assurance that the proposed comprehensive Personnel Screening Program will be complete, appropriate, and will contribute greatly to the overall security posture of OSFI


Chris Ginley


Chris Ginley is an active consultant specializing in Perimeter Assessments, Application Audits, and Penetration Testing. Chris is widely recognized in the security community for his expertise in external perimeter audits and code reviews.  Providing high level security consulting and auditing services to numerous enterprise level clients.  Elements of these audits and engagements focused primarily on the exposure and safeguards of Information assets within the networks and the ability to detect and isolate realized threats in an efficient manner.


Dale Windle


Dale Windle is an accomplished professional with over 26 years in senior management. Having spent most of this time building companies, performing project management and managing staffing, resources and finances, Dale has a unique perspective on the business needs of clients.   He has spent the past eight years actively engaged in business continuity and disaster recovery project management, planning, risk assessment and mitigation, providing consulting services for a variety of private and public sector clients across North America.



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