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Windows 2000

The "bones" of your network are the infrastructure and the architecture It's really important that these elements of your network are correctly planned, designed, deployed and managed. Putting business applications on a shaky foundation is only asking for trouble. The integrity of all your business data depends on a solid beginning.

Windows 2000 is widely recognized as "the platform of choice". Many organizations recognize that Windows 2000 offers distinct advantages for a centralized, managed and cost-effective computing environment.

Cygnos was an early adapter of Windows 2000, realizing from the outset that these benefits existed. As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and systems integrator, we've helped many clients effectively architect, plan, deploy and manage their Windows 2000 environments.

Here are some of the projects we've completed for various clients:

Desktop Deployments - Feasibility studies, technical architecture, hands-on deployments, Windows 2000 Support.

File/Printer Services & Directory Services - Cygnos has successfully migrated clients from Novell Netware platforms to Windows NT and Windows 2000. We've also planned and implemented Active Directory solutions, Group Policy deployments and file/printer solutions.

Application Servers - We've deployed Windows 2000 for clustering, middleware, web servers and transaction servers.

Remote Access - Projects have included Windows 2000 Terminal Services for application service providers, tele-workers and remote office deployments.

Security Assessments - We've done security audits, assessments and have developed a secured desktop and server environment, using Windows 2000.

Finally, you only have to identify yourself once - not over and over.

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Directory Services

In computer networks, a directory is a collection of users, user passwords, and, usually, information about what network resources they can access.

Directory-Enabled Networking (DEN) is an industry-standard initiative and specification for how to construct and store information about a network's users, applications, and data in a central directory. A standard way of describing the network's elements in a central repository can enable applications to be developed that will automatically learn of user access privileges, bandwidth assignments, and the company's resource policies, and provide services accordingly. The result should reduce the cost of running the network and enable new services.

Cygnos offers clients a variety of directory services, based on Novell NDS and Microsoft Active Directory technologies.

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Portal Development

We are a professional services organization with the focus on business that is both complementary to our hands-on skills and needed for Portal solutions. We have a vision of Portals in the Enterprise, and we know because of our years in technology. Cygnos' work history includes projects related to:

  • Content Management solutions & architecture
  • Middleware & Application to Web integration
  • Intranet Architecture and Design
  • Data Warehousing and Warehouse architectures
  • Security considerations and audits
  • Thin client deployments
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Knowledge Management
  • Web Server Performance Tuning & Optimization.

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Management Services and Business Analysis ITIL

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of books developed by the United Kingdom's Office of Government Commerce (OGC). To date, these books are the only comprehensive, non-proprietary, publicly available guidance for IT Service Management. Today, ITIL represents more than books alone. It has generated an entire industry that includes training, certification, consultancy, software tools and a trade association (itSMF).

ITIL provides the foundation for quality IT Service Management. The widespread adoption of the ITIL guidance has encouraged organizations worldwide, both commercial and non-proprietary, to develop supporting products as part of a shared ITIL Philosophy.

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Application Development Services

Web Server Tuning & Optimization

Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) is flexible, robust and fast. But for larger or complicated environments it has to be properly tuned, configured and optimized.

It's not too hard to install IIS (Internet Information Server), place it on the network and start offering pages to the public. But over time, the web server matures and evolves. Applications and content are added. The hit rate increases. New components appear - site and search indexes, Active Server Pages, ODBC connections, encrypted data, Java, ActiveX and CGI. The list can be endless!

Suddenly, the NT servers that were doing fine six months ago aren't so snappy any more. Performance is degrading. Perhaps it's necessary to routinely reboot the server due to leaky applications. Users may get "server busy" messages. Error messages grow in the event logs.

At Cygnos, we've architected, optimized, audited, fixed, tweaked, tuned and installed IIS-based solutions for clients like HRDC, PWGSC, Transport Canada and National Search & Rescue. In every case, ensuring that a server is finely tuned and well designed has been critical. Because we want everyone to reap the benefits of IIS, Cygnos is pleased to offer a combined audit and optimization package to clients that include:

  • Tuning IIS for Applications (ASP, CGI, Perl, Java, ActiveX)
  • Tuning IIS for Content (Indexes, search engines, static HTML)
  • An analysis of ASP code using our specialized software An analysis of memory utilization, and leaky applications
  • Configuration analysis of back-end database connectivity
  • Optimization based on total volumes & bandwidth
  • Middleware components
  • Hardware bottlenecks

All of our recommendations and findings will be clearly documented and backed up with pertinent research findings. We'll also ensure that suitable change control, fallback, and client involvement happens (production systems = production measures!) Finally, Cygnos will document:

  • Performance recommendations (with or without implementation)
  • Best Practices for the specific IIS environment
  • Future bottlenecks & concerns
  • Hardware capacity analysis

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