Our Security Services

We know information security has specific ingredients. Our Security Roadmap, below, maps our services to an effective security posture.

Why Choose Cygnos I.T. Security?

The Cygnos I.T. Security team can take all or part of the Information technology security burden off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on core activities. There are a number of tangible benefits that your organization can realize by engaging Cygnos, including:

  • Managed and prioritized security expenditures - maximum protection at reasonable cost.
  • Aligned corporate goals and I.T. initiatives - from inception
  • Reduced legal liability and increased perception of due diligence.
  • Systems that are not in direct conflict with good security practices.
  • Open, dynamic and secure services delivered flawlessly to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • A knowledgeable organization that's abreast of ever-changing security trends and issues.
  • A trend-setting organization that has realized security's ultimate goal - maintaining a secure technology base for conducting profitable business.

Cygnos I.T. Security also offers a variety of security training and education services. Visit our Training section or email train@cygnos.com for more information.


Why Invest in Security?

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Security Leadership Seminar

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