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Cygnos I.T. Security provides end-to-end security services to help organizations build and maintain a secure technology base for conducting business. Most organizations do not have the time or resources required to develop effective security policies, educate and train employees, audit present systems, strengthen current weaknesses, and monitor and maintain the effectiveness of the solutions they put in place.

Cygnos' consultants are proven industry experts, we will evaluate the current state of your security policies, procedures, and technologies and recommend appropriate measures to best achieve your business objectives. Our team is able to pass on "best practices" and the most current, effective security solutions in the industry. We help reduce your legal liability and down-time while protecting your corporate information and reputation.

We will determine the adequate security by considering:

  • Threats you're facing
  • Your willingness to accept risk
  • The value of your assets

From our customers' perspective — What we can do for your organization ....

  • Protect your information, infrastructure, and assets — the lifelines of any business.
  • Align security with your business strategy and I.T. initiatives - from inception.
  • Reduce your legal liability and increase due diligence — offering 3rd party expert advice.
  • Prioritize your security expenditures to create maximum protection at manageable costs.
  • Help you meet the challenges of delivering flexible, but secure, solutions that deliver "the right information to the right people at the right time".
  • Ensure your systems and data, accessible to internal and external customers, are not in direct conflict with security concerns (over half of all security incidents are reported to be internal).
  • Keep you and your organization abreast of ever-changing security industry and its concerns.
  • Ensure you develop, implement, and maintain a secure technology base for conducting a successful, profitable business — the ultimate goal in security!

Contact our team today sales@cygnos.com and find out how Cygnos can develop a complete security solution customized for your organization.


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