Our Security Seminars

Management Audience:

  1. Managing a Managed Security Service — 2 hour seminar
  2. I.T. Security for I.T. Managers and Executives — 4 hour seminar
  3. Introduction to Intrusion Detection and Response — 2 hour seminar
  4. Introduction to Security Audits and Assessments — 2 hour seminar
  5. Creating an Effective Security Posture — 4 hour seminar

Managing Managed Security Services:
Best Practices and Issues

Aron Feuer, CISSP and Salim Douba, CISSP — Owners and Senior Consultants of Cygnos IT Security conducted this seminar to Senior Management in the Federal Government.

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Managing Managed Security Services

Intrusion Detection:
A Capability, or a System?

Salim Douba, owner and senior consultant, Cygnos IT Security conducted this seminar along with Daniel Minton, director of worldwide strategy, IT management Solutions, who demonstrated SAS Security Management technology's cornerstone solution on forensic dimensionality within IDS.

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Intrusion Detection: A Capability or a System?

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