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Cygnos Corporate Circular. 


Together Cygnos and Brainhunter have access to over 50 government supply arrangements including the Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA) .....more


We are pleased to announce a number of changes and updates at Cygnos IT Security ..... more


Global Security Survey Finds Internal Information Security Attacks Out-Growing External Security Attacks at World's Largest Financial Institutions ... more

IT World has this article about Cygnos click on the link below for more information.


Better Your Security Behavior

Everyone knows the rules of losing weight; eat less, exercise more.  Knowing the rules doesn't inspire people to change their behavior.  Educating people on how to make simple rules a part of their everyday habits is a complex public health issue.  There are parallels in information security awareness programs: the true objectives is not just to impart the rules to users, but to change their behaviour.   ....more



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