Contracting Vehicles

  1. Consulting and Audit Canada (CAC)
  2. Government of Canada - Information Technology Infrastructure Security and Protection Services (ITI SPS)
  3. Government On-Line Supply Arrangement (GOL)
  4. Government of Canada - Informatics Professional Services (IPS)
  5. HRDC - In-Service Support Supply Arrangement (ISS SA)
  6. House of Commons
  7. Temporary Help Services (THS)

1.  Consulting and Audit Canada (CAC)

Consulting and Audit Canada is a Special Operating Agency (SOA) of Public Works and Government Services Canada working to improve public sector management and operations in Canada and abroad. Consulting and Audit Canada establishes short lists of suitably qualified candidates for evaluation or bid solicitation purposes from a Skills Registration System (SRS) database. This information will often be provided to other government organizations for the purpose of selecting potential contractors. Cygnos I.T. Security has several consultant profiles present on the CAC Skills Registration System database.

For further information: http://www.cvc.gc.ca/corp/internet/CACinternet.nsf/vmain/pifler704?OpenDocument

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2.  Government of Canada - Information Technology Infrastructure Security and Protection Services (ITI SPS)

Cygnos I.T. Security has partnered with TRM Technologies: TRM has been selected by the Communications Security Establishment and Public Works Government Services of Canada, as one out of a select group of vendors whose consultants have been validated for the provision of I.T. Security Risk Management, Infrastructure Protection Services and Research and Development Services to the Federal Government.

For further information visit: http://www.cse-cst.gc.ca/en/services/industrial_services/itisps_program.html

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3.  Government On-Line Supply Arrangement (GOL)

The GOL SA is available to Canadian Federal Government client departments to streamline the consultant contracting process to achieve their objective of being the most electronically enabled federal organization in the world. The process is quite simple: Contract Authorities will identify a need that is within the scope of the GOL SA, send a Request for Proposal (RFP) to three companies (or more) and have the need met within a short period of time.

Cygnos I.T. Security has been awarded a Supply Arrangement in the Informatics Professional Services (IPS) Stream, which includes an IT Security component. Specific service roles that Cygnos offers are:

Informatics Profession Services (IPS) Stream:
Senior IT Project Manager IT Security Consultant
IT Project ManagerPlatform Analyst
Senior Network Analyst Systems Auditor
Technology ArchitectProject Administrator

Cygnos I.T. Security Supply Arrangement number is: EN537-1GOL3/330/EL.

The following website provides information concerning procurement options for the GOL: http://www.pwgsc.gc.ca/sipss/home1/gol/home-e.html

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4.  Government of Canada - Informatics Professional Services (IPS)

Cygnos I.T. Security is listed under the Government of Canada's Informatics Professional Services (IPS) Program to provide services which include but are not limited to the following:

Information Management & Information Technology Services
Security Project ManagementEthical hacking & Penetration testing
X.500 and LDAP directory integration servicesSecurity auditing
PKI ImplementationPrivilege management infrastructure (PMI)
PKI registration systemsDatabase Analyst
PKI cross-certificationFirewall and VPN integration services
On site PKI & Network operations support Security Incident ResponseImplementation Physical Security
Security application designBusiness Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

As of January 01, 2004 the new IPS threshold is $89,000 including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and any amendments to contracts.

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5.  HRDC - In-Service Support Supply Arrangement (ISS SA)

Cygnos Corporation is pleased to announce our qualification and listing under the new and primary purchasing vehicle for HRDC under the Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) and Project Management (PM) Streams. We would be happy to assist you with any of your requirements and the utilization of this supply arrangement.

Name of Supply Arrangement: HRDC In-Service Support Supply Arrangement (ISS SA)
Supply Arrangement Number: E60BQ-001ISSA
Cygnos Corp. specific SA Number: E60BQ-01ISSA/G/076
Effective Date: October 17, 2002 until March 31, 2007

Cygnos is listed to provide the following services to HRDC:

Information Management & Information Technology
Security AnalystSoftware Developer
Network AnalystSystem Analyst
Technology ArchitectWeb Developer
IT Project ManagerDatabase Analyst
Application Programmer 
Project Management
Project ManagerTechnical Writer

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6.  House of Commons

Cygnos has qualified to provide the House of Commons Information Services with professional Strategic Planning areas of Business Process Re-Engineering and Business Cases, Project Management Services, Developing Strategic and Tactical Plans and Providing Expert Advice on Specialized Software and Hardware Technologies on an as required basis for a period of four (4) years as outlined herein between January 24th 2001 to 2005.

Agreement #: HC-00-001786 SO

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7. Temporary Help Services (THS)

The Temporary Help Services (THS) On-Line System is an automated purchasing tool which enables pre-qualified Suppliers in the National Capital Area (NCA) to submit offers online, and which enables federal government departments and agencies in the NCA to assess market rates, identify potential Suppliers and issue call-ups online.

THS Standing Offer
Standing Offer Number: EN537-8-4015/055-ZJ
Start Date: 2000-08-18
End date: 2002-08-24
Call-up limitation: $50,000.00 (including GST)

Qualified Categories:
Computer Application Support Specialist (CAS) — Level 3 Advanced
Engineer and Specialist (TES) — Junior
Engineer and Specialist (TES) — Intermediate
Engineer and Specialist (TES) — Senior

For further information: http://www.pwgsc.gc.ca/sipss/pspd/ths/ths-e.htm

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