Our Resources

Cygnos' resource pool consists of over 100 highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Cygnos has developed a solid and proven HR process for attracting, qualifying and maintaining the highest quality resources. Because of this proven methodology, Cygnos is able to provide clients with the most qualified resources in the industry. In addition, this methodology takes into consideration the necessary steps to ensure a fast turnaround time if and when replacements of resources are necessary. Our resource base covers and exceeds all of the 13 different Resource Categories listed below:

  1. Application Security Analyst
  2. Business Resumption Planning — Business Continuity Planning (BRP-BCP) Engineer
  3. Forensics Specialist
  4. Threat Risk Assessment Specialist
  5. Information Technology Security (ITS) Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Specialists
  6. Information Technology Security (ITS) Policy Analyst
  7. Information Technology Security (ITS) Project Manager
  8. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Architect
  9. Physical Security Specialist
  10. PKI Specialist
  11. Security Analyst/Architect
  12. Security Product/R&D Specialist
  13. I.T. Security Trainer/Instructors and Course Developers

Cygnos professionals are highly qualified and experienced in the rapidly evolving technologies of information technology security. Over 80% hold technical certifications, including:


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